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Why us instead of Employing?

1. FREE match making

Recruitment is notoriously expensive, whether you’re using an agency, a head-hunter or job boards, the costs can range between hundreds and thousands, all to find the right person to join your team. However, as a COMPLETELY free element to our service, you can roam through a number of Outsourcee candidates, apply filters to see your most ideal Outsourcees, assess their credentials, check their availability, consider their skills and through their elevator pitch you can get a true feel as to whether they would be a suitable fit amongst you and the team.

From there you can submit a ‘Work Request’, and have it accepted or rejected within hours, thus saving immense amounts of money (both monetary and via your time or the time of your employees when choosing your new Outsourcee).

Through OutsourceXtra, you get an efficient & wildly improved version of the recruitment process as a totally free addition to the overall service that we provide, assisting you find the perfect person to join your team, help meet your goals & attain success!

2. Quickly & easily replace underwhelming individuals

The costs, time & resources that are all wasted when the wrong individual is taken on & needs to be replaced can be extremely hard to swallow or even believe. Not to mention the potential damage that it can make to the company’s reputation!

By going with OutsourceXtra, not only do you get a great filterable search process, helping you to find your perfect Outsourcee(s) – thus reducing the chances of you taking on the wrong person. Although, we don’t live in wonderland and there’s still the chance that the Outsourcee you choose won’t be the right fit, but instead of facing untold costs & challenges when replacing an employee, you can easily apply for a replacement to your current Outsourcee without spending a PENNY!

3. Time Accountability

Through OutsourceXtra, you get weekly breakdowns of exactly what your Outsourcees are spending their time on!

Instead of consistently not knowing exactly what your staff are spending their paid time on, you will know every minute of what your Outsourcees spent their time on how they contributed. With this increased accountability, Outsourcees are FAR more conscious of the time they spend and are much more motivated to make the most with their time, ensuring they aren’t spending too much time on any given task and are being efficient for you.

4. Ability & Productivity Accountability

Your Outsourcees are uniquely Accountable to their performance, especially considering that their success depends on their reputation and their Outsourcee Star Rating.  When considering their Outsourcee Star Rating, they need a positive rating to have more chance of landing more work, whereas if they get a negative rating then they may struggle to pick up future clients - in contrast, employees don’t have anything that keeps them perpetually accountable in the same way. Employees might have the odd performance review, but in most companies it is deemed acceptable when an employee is making low-to-minimum effort and making little impact - this is not the case for an Outsourcee!

On top of their Star Rating, every one of an Outsourcee’s clients has the ability to stop working with them and replace them with any number of Outsourcees. This makes it far easier for the business to terminate an Outsourcee in contrast to an employee, and so an Outsourcee must continually show their value and make a positive impact in order to earn their role & remain a part of the business. A business doesn’t have the same level of control over an employee, which can often lead to laziness and overly-entitled employees that waste company time and money.

5. Greater control, visibility & data via the OutsourceXtra software

Unlike with employees, a business can remove or replace an Outsourcee at moment’s notice, which gives the business a FAR larger amount of control over their internal operations and their costs. They also have the ability to increase or reduce hours when it might benefit the company, which again is not something you can casually do with an employee.

Through the OutsourceXtra app & software you can see which tasks have been worked by your Outsourcee in any given week and how much time is being spent per task, with that increased visibility comes greater control over what your Outsourcee does and works.

You &/or the Internal Managers can also use that data to understand more about the job role and the overall efficiency of your Outsourcees, which is information you would rarely obtain with standard employees.

6. Greater communication via the OutsourceXtra software

Through the Doddul app & software you can communicate with both your Outsourcees and your Customer Success Managers, quickly & easily via our Chat function, assisting with effective communication between You and Your team. Future versions are even set to have video call facilities.

Additionally, your Customer Success Manager will go out of their way to regularly stay in contact and communicate about your service and the actions & goals of the business, thus creating opportunity for conversation and communication.

7. Cost-free Customer Success Manager

You get your very own Customer Success Manager (CSM) whose job it is to ensure you’re getting exactly the service you want & deserve. They will ensure you are getting the most out of our software, your Outsourcee(s) and from them as a CSM.

This gives you an advanced level of consultation, reflection and accountability over the Outsourcees’ performance, which is something you will never get as a free or added service with an employee.

8. Over-time & Reduced-hours

Few regular employees are happy working more than their set working hours dictate and even fewer would be happy to work/earn less than the amount they are meant to be, however Outsourcees understand the possibility that their clients may want/need to change their hours to suit their business needs, and are much more accepting of that, thus allowing for MUCH increased flexibility!

On an even more flexible basis - where your Outsourcee's hours may be set to 8 hrs per week (as an example), you have the ability to ask them to only work 6 hours ( as an example), whereby you would be refunded for the 2 hours 'under-worked' on your next invoice. If you instead needed more work doing and you authorised your Outsourcee to work up to 15 hours on a given week, then the extra 7 hours 'over-worked' would be added on to your next invoice - this system allows you to be uniquely agile with your staffing costs!

9. Avoid Unforeseen Cost & Risk

When employing staff there are a large number of costs that most business owners & managers forget to consider, such as workspace & equipment, HR work on contracts & ongoing support, IT works, various software users, Health & Safety requirements, Payroll Processes & ongoing support, employee benefits, pension & NI contributions, paid holidays, training costs & sick days.

On top of costs, there are countless risks that come with employing staff that can easily be forgotten, which is why companies often spend thousands on HR support & consultation. After legislative changes in 2017, ANY employee can raise a workplace dispute to tribunals, free of charge and according to the British Chamber of Commerce, the average cost of an employment tribunal claim is around £8,500. For unfair dismissal claims, compensatory awards, can come to either 52 weeks’ wages or £89,493, whereas for discrimination claims, there is no maximum penalty & the claimant can even be compensated for injuries to their emotional wellbeing, which can range from £27,400 to £45,600. Lastly, the average Health & Safety fine across all industries stood at £106,984 in 2020!

Murdo MacLeod - Zest Mixology Global Ltd - Director

We have engaged with OutsourceXtra's platform throughout our busiest month of the year and have found my Outsourcee to be super efficient, productive and has operated as an extension of our team. This has proved very valuable in enabling us to scale up for a busy trading month. Highly recommended.

Steph Sturgeon - Mama & Me Fitness - Owner

I came to OutsourceXtra to design me a logo for my new business. I had in mind exactly what I wanted but didn’t have the skills to put it together myself. Alex stuck to my brief exactly and put together the logo for me very promptly. It’s exactly what I wanted and I’m really pleased.

Brian McGuinness - Green Tech Surveys Ltd - Director

I have been using OutsourceXtra's services for over 2 years now and could not be more happy with the support I get. I can always get a hold of the Outsourcee that manages our accounts when I need them & the work they do is professional, accurate and a step beyond, they have really helped me manage my company and I am now considering using another Outsourcee.

Neil Jennings - Primo Play Limited - Managing Director

I have had an Outsourcee managing my Finance department, putting together accurate Management Accounts and taking care of the day-to-day financial procedures & processes for over 2 years and it has made the world of difference! I honestly could not recommend them more.

Nathan Thomas - Coded4 Ltd - Owner

My Outsourcee has helped us out immensely. It can be difficult to devote the time to excellent client communication whilst working on projects....I will always recommend OutsourceXtra to any and all growing businesses who need to keep productive whilst maintaining good communication.

Ryan Delaney - Factory Bathrooms - Owner

AMAZING! OutsourceXtra has helped us no end, our Outsourcee has completely sorted out our Accounts. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

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