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Videography & Animation Outsourcees

As a business owner/exec/manager, you know that visual content plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of your target audience and conveying your brand message effectively.

Hiring skilled Videography & Animation Outsourcees can bring significant benefits to your business:

1. Engaging Visual Content:

Videographers & Animators have the expertise to create captivating videos and animations that grab the attention of your audience.

Through their creative storytelling and visual techniques, they can bring your brand to life, making a lasting impact on viewers and increasing their engagement with your content.

2. Professional Quality Productions:

With their technical knowledge and experience, Videographers and Animators can deliver high-quality productions that reflect the professionalism and credibility of your brand.

They have access to advanced equipment, software, and editing tools to ensure that the final output is polished, visually appealing, and aligns with your brand standards.

3. Enhanced Brand Image:

By producing visually stunning videos and animations, Videographers and Animators help enhance your brand image.

They can create videos that communicate your brand values, showcase your products or services, and evoke positive emotions among your target audience.

A strong and compelling brand image can lead to increased trust, loyalty, and recognition in the market.

4. Storytelling and Emotional Connection:

Videographers and Animators excel in storytelling, using visuals, narratives, and music to create an emotional connection with your audience.

They can craft stories that resonate with your viewers, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

By leveraging emotions effectively, they can influence consumer behaviour and drive conversions.

5. Versatility in Content Creation:

Videographers and Animators can create a wide range of content to suit your business needs.

They can produce product videos, explainer videos, customer testimonials, brand stories, promotional videos, and animations that convey complex ideas in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner.

This versatility allows you to leverage different content formats across various platforms and marketing channels.

6. Increased Online Visibility:

Videos and animations are highly shareable and have the potential to go viral on social media platforms.

By creating engaging and shareable content, Videographers and Animators can increase your brand's online visibility and reach.

The more your content is shared and viewed, the wider your audience becomes, leading to increased brand exposure and potential customer acquisition.

7. Effective Communication of Complex Concepts:

Some products or services require explaining complex concepts or processes.

Videographers and Animators can simplify these concepts through visually engaging animations or explainer videos.

By breaking down complex information into easily digestible visual content, they help your audience understand and appreciate the value of what you offer.

8. Training and Educational Resources:

Videographers and Animators can create training videos and educational resources for your employees, clients, or customers.

These videos can provide step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, or tutorials, ensuring consistent and effective training delivery.

This saves time and resources compared to traditional training methods while maintaining high-quality standards.

9. Increased Conversion Rates:

Incorporating videos and animations into your marketing strategies has been proven to increase conversion rates.

Engaging visual content captures attention, conveys information effectively, and influences purchasing decisions.

By showcasing your products or services in a visually compelling way, Videographers and Animators can drive more conversions and generate higher revenue for your business.

10. Competitive Advantage:

With the growing importance of video content in digital marketing, having professional Videographers and Animators gives you a competitive edge.

By delivering visually stunning and engaging content, you differentiate yourself from competitors and position your brand as innovative, modern, and customer-centric.

The work a Videography & Animation Outsourcee can do for you includes:

1. VIDEO PRODUCTION - handling concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and editing, ensuring brand & goal alignment

2. ANIMATION CREATION - bringing illustrations, characters, and objects to life, delivering visually stunning and engaging content

3. PRODUCT VIDEOS - creating product videos that showcase the features, benefits, and usage of the products

4. EXPLAINER VIDEOS - producing explainer videos that simplify complex concepts, processes or ideas, conveying information more engagingly

5. BRAND STORIES - creating compelling brand storytelling videos that communicate your brand's values, mission, and story

6. CUSTOMER TESTIMONAILS - capturing customer testimonials, providing social proof and increase trust among potential customers

7. EVENT COVERAGE - filming and editing videos of corporate events, conferences, trade shows, or product launches, sharing the experience

8. SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS - creating short & engaging videos specifically tailored for social media platforms

9. TRAINING & EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS - producing training videos or educational resources, ensuring effective knowledge transfer.

10. MOTION GRAPHICS- creating dynamic & engaging motion graphics for video intros, logo animations, title sequences, or marketing videos

11. VIDEO EDITING & POST-PRODUCTION - editing & enhancing raw footage, ensuring that the final video has a professional look and feel

12. VIDEO OPTIMISATION & DISTRIBUTION - ensuring proper video compression, aspect ratios, and file sizes for all different platforms and formats

Your Videography & Animation Outsourcees would create visually compelling content that captures attention, communicates effectively, and enhances your brand's presence across various channels.


Struggling for time to effectively run your business’s Marketing? You should STOP missing out on getting your company's name out there & start being seen by potential customers!

With multiple packages to choose from, and an experienced professional marketing team, we can become your dedicated Marketing team – actioning your Marketing Tasks, discussing tactics & getting the word out there for all to see.


• Social Media Page Set Up

• Day-to-Day Business Social Media Post Writing & Scheduling

• Personal Social Media Post Writing

• Social Media Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports

• Social Media Competitor Analysis

• Graphic Design - Social Posts & Ads

• Address Incoming Messages


• Marketing Email Construction

• Marketing Email Automation Set Up

• Distribution of Marketing Emails

• Graphic Design - Email Signatures

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Blog Writing

• Newsletter Writing & Planning

• Website Writing

• Graphic Design - Flyers, Leaflets & Letters

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Postal Marketing Design & Distribution

• Letter Distribution

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Market Research

• Actioning Specific Processes / Tasks / Responsibilities

• Advert Design & Writing

• Graphic Design - Logos & Business Cards


Murdo MacLeod - Zest Mixology Global Ltd - Director

We have engaged with OutsourceXtra's platform throughout our busiest month of the year and have found my Outsourcee to be super efficient, productive and has operated as an extension of our team. This has proved very valuable in enabling us to scale up for a busy trading month. Highly recommended.

Steph Sturgeon - Mama & Me Fitness - Owner

I came to OutsourceXtra to design me a logo for my new business. I had in mind exactly what I wanted but didn’t have the skills to put it together myself. Alex stuck to my brief exactly and put together the logo for me very promptly. It’s exactly what I wanted and I’m really pleased.

Brian McGuinness - Green Tech Surveys Ltd - Director

I have been using OutsourceXtra's services for over 2 years now and could not be more happy with the support I get. I can always get a hold of the Outsourcee that manages our accounts when I need them & the work they do is professional, accurate and a step beyond, they have really helped me manage my company and I am now considering using another Outsourcee.

Neil Jennings - Primo Play Limited - Managing Director

I have had an Outsourcee managing my Finance department, putting together accurate Management Accounts and taking care of the day-to-day financial procedures & processes for over 2 years and it has made the world of difference! I honestly could not recommend them more.

Nathan Thomas - Coded4 Ltd - Owner

My Outsourcee has helped us out immensely. It can be difficult to devote the time to excellent client communication whilst working on projects....I will always recommend OutsourceXtra to any and all growing businesses who need to keep productive whilst maintaining good communication.

Ryan Delaney - Factory Bathrooms - Owner

AMAZING! OutsourceXtra has helped us no end, our Outsourcee has completely sorted out our Accounts. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

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