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Sales Outsourcees

As a business owner/exec/manager, expanding the business's customer base and increasing sales are key objectives for the growth and success of the business.

Hiring an effective Sales Outsourcee can bring numerous valuable benefits to your business:

1. Expanded Market Reach:

With a good Sales person, your business can tap into new markets and reach customers beyond your local area.

They can actively engage with potential customers across the country or even internationally, leveraging technology to conduct sales calls, virtual meetings, and product demonstrations.

This expanded market reach opens up opportunities for business growth and revenue generation.

2. Flexibility and Scalability:

Sales personnel offer flexibility in terms of working hours and locations.

They can adapt their schedules to different time zones and customer needs, ensuring that sales efforts are maximised.

Additionally, as your business grows, it is easier to scale up the Sales team by hiring additional Sales Outsourcees to meet increasing demands.

4. Specialised Sales Skills:

An effective Sales person possesses specialised sales skills and experience.

They understand the art of selling, from prospecting and lead generation to nurturing relationships and closing deals.

Their expertise allows them to effectively communicate the value proposition of your products or services, overcome objections, and negotiate sales agreements.

5. Time and Focus:

By entrusting sales responsibilities to your Sales Outsourcee, you can free up valuable time and focus on other core aspects of your business, such as strategic planning, product/service development, and customer service.

The Sales person takes on the task of generating leads, pursuing prospects, and closing deals, allowing you to concentrate on driving overall business growth.

6. Relationship Building:

A skilled Sales person excels in building relationships with potential customers.

Through effective communication, active listening, and relationship-building strategies, they create a sense of trust and credibility, nurturing prospects into loyal customers.

Their focus on relationship building enhances customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

7. Market Insights and Feedback:

A Sales person serves as a valuable source of market insights and customer feedback.

They are on the front lines, interacting with customers, understanding their needs, and gathering valuable information about competitors and market trends.

This feedback can inform product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decision-making.

8. Adaptability and Resilience:

Remote sales people are accustomed to working in diverse environments and adapting to different customer preferences and cultures.

They are adept at navigating virtual sales processes, using technology effectively, and overcoming challenges that arise in remote sales environments.

Their adaptability and resilience enable them to succeed in various market conditions.

9. Increased Sales Productivity:

With a Sales person focused solely on sales activities, you can expect increased sales productivity.

They dedicate their time and energy to sales-related tasks, such as lead generation, prospecting, and closing deals. This laser focus on sales objectives drives efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process.

10. Measurable Results and Performance Tracking:

Hiring a Sales person allows you to set clear sales targets and track performance.

You can establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor progress regularly. This data-driven approach enables you to assess the effectiveness of your remote sales efforts, make informed decisions, and continuously improve sales strategies.

The work a Sales Outsourcee can do for you includes:

1. LEAD GENERATION - identifying and qualifying potential customers who may be interested in your products or services.

2. SALES OUTREACH - reaching out to leads and prospects through various communication channels - emails, phone calls, socials & messaging

3. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING - focusing on building and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers

4. PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS-conducting virtual product demonstrations or presentations to showcase the features, benefits, and added value

5. SALES NEGOTIATION - negotiating pricing, contract terms, and other conditions to close deals.

6. SALES FOLLOW-UP - providing the necessary information and support to move prospects closer to making a purchase.

7. CRM MANAGEMENT - utilising CRM software to track and manage leads, customer interactions, and sales opportunities

8. SALES REPORTING & ANALYTICS - generating sales reports & providing analytics on key performance metrics, helping data-driven decisions

9. MARKET RESEARCH & COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS - gathering information to inform sales strategies, product positioning, & market expansion plans

10. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - reaching out to upsell or cross-sell additional products or services, & building retention and loyalty

11. SALES TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - staying updated on industry trends, sales techniques, and product knowledge to enhance effectiveness

12. COLLABORATION & COMMUNICATION - collaborating & improving strategies with internal marketing, customer support & product development

These specific tasks demonstrate the valuable role a Sales Outsourcee plays in driving sales growth and revenue generation for your business - these responsibilities contribute to expanding your customer base, closing deals, and building strong customer relationships.


Finding Lead Generation & Sales Calls too time consuming? Or maybe you don’t enjoy doing it? Or haven’t even thought to try it!  Well, don’t worry there’s a LOT of people in the same boat as you!  

We will book qualified & worthwhile meetings with your ideal prospects, whether that is as many as possible or you have a target in mind, we will work to meet your goals! Without sales there is no business.


•  Conducting B2B Cold Calls.

•  Appointment Setting for Enquiries made

•  Following up on Quotes Provided.

•  Attending Online Calls to Qualify Potential Customers.

•  Attending Meetings with Prospects to close Potential Sales.

•  Writing Sales Call Scripts.


•  Parts of the Sales Process to help convert.

•  Sales Analysis & Creating a System - Level of Outreach to Interest Rate to Conversion Rate


•  LinkedIn Outreach.

•  Follow up on leads produced via LinkedIn.

•  Email Marketing Outreach.

•  Follow up on leads produced via Email.


Murdo MacLeod - Zest Mixology Global Ltd - Director

We have engaged with OutsourceXtra's platform throughout our busiest month of the year and have found my Outsourcee to be super efficient, productive and has operated as an extension of our team. This has proved very valuable in enabling us to scale up for a busy trading month. Highly recommended.

Steph Sturgeon - Mama & Me Fitness - Owner

I came to OutsourceXtra to design me a logo for my new business. I had in mind exactly what I wanted but didn’t have the skills to put it together myself. Alex stuck to my brief exactly and put together the logo for me very promptly. It’s exactly what I wanted and I’m really pleased.

Brian McGuinness - Green Tech Surveys Ltd - Director

I have been using OutsourceXtra's services for over 2 years now and could not be more happy with the support I get. I can always get a hold of the Outsourcee that manages our accounts when I need them & the work they do is professional, accurate and a step beyond, they have really helped me manage my company and I am now considering using another Outsourcee.

Neil Jennings - Primo Play Limited - Managing Director

I have had an Outsourcee managing my Finance department, putting together accurate Management Accounts and taking care of the day-to-day financial procedures & processes for over 2 years and it has made the world of difference! I honestly could not recommend them more.

Nathan Thomas - Coded4 Ltd - Owner

My Outsourcee has helped us out immensely. It can be difficult to devote the time to excellent client communication whilst working on projects....I will always recommend OutsourceXtra to any and all growing businesses who need to keep productive whilst maintaining good communication.

Ryan Delaney - Factory Bathrooms - Owner

AMAZING! OutsourceXtra has helped us no end, our Outsourcee has completely sorted out our Accounts. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

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