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Graphic Design Outsourcees

As a business owner/exec/manager, you know that visual appeal and effective branding play a crucial role in attracting customers, establishing credibility, and standing out from the competition.

Hiring a Graphic Design Outsourcee can bring various benefits to your business:

1. Professional Branding:

A Graphic Designer helps create a professional and cohesive brand identity for your business.

They have the expertise to design a visually appealing logo, select appropriate fonts, and create a consistent colour palette that aligns with your brand's values and target audience.

A strong brand identity enhances recognition, builds trust, and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

2. Eye-Catching Visual Assets:

A Graphic Designer can create captivating visual assets for your business, such as website graphics, social media banners, marketing materials, and advertisements.

They possess the skills to design compelling images and graphics that grab attention, convey your message effectively, and engage your target audience.

These visually appealing assets enhance the overall appeal and professionalism of your business.

3. Consistent and Professional Design:

With a Graphic Designer, you can ensure consistency across all your marketing materials.

They maintain a consistent design language and style that reflects your brand's personality and values. From business cards to brochures, your materials will have a cohesive look, reinforcing your brand's image and creating a memorable impression.

4. Enhanced User Experience:

A Graphic Designer focuses on creating user-friendly designs that improve the overall user experience.

They consider factors such as layout, readability, and visual hierarchy to ensure that your website, mobile app, or other digital platforms are intuitive and easy to navigate.

By enhancing the user experience, you can increase customer satisfaction and drive engagement.

5. Customized Visual Solutions:

Each business has unique needs and requirements - Graphic Designers work closely with you to understand your specific goals and create customised visual solutions tailored to your business.

They translate your ideas into visually appealing designs that effectively communicate your message and differentiate your brand from competitors.

6. Time and Cost Savings:

While it may seem cost-effective to create designs yourself, by a non-Graphic Designer or use generic templates, it often leads to subpar results and wasted time.

Hiring a professional graphic designer saves you time and allows you to focus on core business activities. Additionally, their expertise ensures that the designs are of high quality from the start, eliminating the need for costly revisions or rebranding efforts in the future.

7. Visual Storytelling:

A graphic designer has the ability to visually communicate your brand's story and values. They create designs that evoke emotions, engage the audience, and tell a compelling narrative. By effectively conveying your brand's message through visuals, you can connect with your target audience on a deeper level and build a meaningful relationship with them.

8. Competitive Advantage:

In today's visually driven marketplace, having a professional graphic designer gives you a competitive edge. High-quality and visually appealing designs set you apart from competitors and position your business as a leader in your industry. A strong visual presence helps attract customers, build trust, and establish credibility.

9. Adaptability to Different Platforms:

A graphic designer understands the unique requirements of different platforms and mediums. They can adapt your designs to various formats, such as print, web, social media, or mobile devices. This ensures that your visual assets are optimized for each platform, maintaining consistency and effectiveness across multiple channels.

10. Brand Evolution and Growth:

As your business evolves and grows, your branding needs may change. A graphic designer plays a crucial role in adapting and updating your visual assets to reflect your business's growth and evolving brand identity. They help you stay relevant, engage with new audiences, and support your business's long-term success.

The work a Graphic Design Outsourcee can do for you includes:

1. LOGO DESIGN - considering factors such as colour psychology, typography, & visual symbolism to design a memorable and impactful logo

2. BRANDING MATERIALS - developing business cards, letterheads, leaflets, and more, ensuring consistency & competency in your brand

3. WEBSITE DESIGN - designing the layout, colour scheme, and overall visual elements of your website, enhancing user experience

4. SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS - designing custom graphics, infographics, banners, and cover images that grab attention & engage your audience.

5. MARKETING COLLATERAL - designing brochures, flyers, posters, and advertisements that effectively generates interest, and drives sales

6. PACKAGING DESIGN - if your business involves physical products, a graphic designer can design attractive and informative packaging

7. VISUAL CONTENT FOR PRESENTATIONS - creating visually appealing slides for presentations that effectively communicates information.

8. INFOGRAPHICS & DATA VISUALISATION - transforming complex data and information in a visually engaging and digestible format.

9. ILLUSTATIONS & ICONS - creating custom illustrations or icons that complement your brand's visual style, enhancing overall visual experience

10. PRINT DESIGN- designing magazines, catalogues or promotional materials, adhering to print specs for a professional & high-quality outcome

11. PHOTO EDITING & RETOUCHING - enhancing photographs to meet your specific requirements, and align with your brand's aesthetics

12. VISUAL BRAND GUIDELINES - outlining the correct usage of your brand's visual elements, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials

By leveraging your Graphic Design Outsourcee's expertise, you can create a strong visual identity, effectively communicate your message, and enhance your brand's overall presence and impact.


Struggling for time to effectively run your business’s Marketing? You should STOP missing out on getting your company's name out there & start being seen by potential customers!

With multiple packages to choose from, and an experienced professional marketing team, we can become your dedicated Marketing team – actioning your Marketing Tasks, discussing tactics & getting the word out there for all to see.


• Social Media Page Set Up

• Day-to-Day Business Social Media Post Writing & Scheduling

• Personal Social Media Post Writing

• Social Media Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports

• Social Media Competitor Analysis

• Graphic Design - Social Posts & Ads

• Address Incoming Messages


• Marketing Email Construction

• Marketing Email Automation Set Up

• Distribution of Marketing Emails

• Graphic Design - Email Signatures

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Blog Writing

• Newsletter Writing & Planning

• Website Writing

• Graphic Design - Flyers, Leaflets & Letters

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Postal Marketing Design & Distribution

• Letter Distribution

• Weekly / Monthly Analytic Reports


• Market Research

• Actioning Specific Processes / Tasks / Responsibilities

• Advert Design & Writing

• Graphic Design - Logos & Business Cards


Murdo MacLeod - Zest Mixology Global Ltd - Director

We have engaged with OutsourceXtra's platform throughout our busiest month of the year and have found my Outsourcee to be super efficient, productive and has operated as an extension of our team. This has proved very valuable in enabling us to scale up for a busy trading month. Highly recommended.

Steph Sturgeon - Mama & Me Fitness - Owner

I came to OutsourceXtra to design me a logo for my new business. I had in mind exactly what I wanted but didn’t have the skills to put it together myself. Alex stuck to my brief exactly and put together the logo for me very promptly. It’s exactly what I wanted and I’m really pleased.

Brian McGuinness - Green Tech Surveys Ltd - Director

I have been using OutsourceXtra's services for over 2 years now and could not be more happy with the support I get. I can always get a hold of the Outsourcee that manages our accounts when I need them & the work they do is professional, accurate and a step beyond, they have really helped me manage my company and I am now considering using another Outsourcee.

Neil Jennings - Primo Play Limited - Managing Director

I have had an Outsourcee managing my Finance department, putting together accurate Management Accounts and taking care of the day-to-day financial procedures & processes for over 2 years and it has made the world of difference! I honestly could not recommend them more.

Nathan Thomas - Coded4 Ltd - Owner

My Outsourcee has helped us out immensely. It can be difficult to devote the time to excellent client communication whilst working on projects....I will always recommend OutsourceXtra to any and all growing businesses who need to keep productive whilst maintaining good communication.

Ryan Delaney - Factory Bathrooms - Owner

AMAZING! OutsourceXtra has helped us no end, our Outsourcee has completely sorted out our Accounts. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

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